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Website for sale (English Harbour Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda) Asking Price:£30000

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Website for sale Website  for sale

Revenue £25000, Net Profit £50000, Established 1995


This is a very successful Training Course, membership website (www.***.com). The websites currently provides an automated online course for a successful program which has been hailed as the most effective leadership program in the world, which is a result of over 50 years of research and practice in development of human potential.

About The Program!

The focus of the programme is on RESULTS! During the programme the individual is not only learning but they are executing the goals and delivering the results. And this is what matters! This programme takes a holistic approach, starting from the individual’s Personal Life, Relationships at home, and their Attitude and Mind-Set, which then integrates into their Work, Professional and Personal life producing tangible results.

This is one-of-a-kind system based on 50 years of intensive research into the science and mechanics of personal achievements: what really makes successful people successful.

Developed by a world-renowned success expert and a legendary corporate attorney, it is the most powerful process EVER created for quickly and permanently transforming ANY goal, dream, or desire into reality.

The eCourse is designed to facilitate positive, profound, permanent change in any area of your life, including:

Debt elimination
Job promotion
Weight release
A better marriage
A new home
Wealth creation
Improved health
Used by individuals, teams, and corporations all over the world, there is NO outcome which this system has not been able to deliver.

When someone orders the program they will automatically be signed up to the Membership website and have access to the Premium VIP Area including:

12 DVDs with developers guiding you through all of the lessons. ($1250)
A detailed participant’s guide with thought provoking worksheets that drive results. ($995)
Premium Membership, including conference calls with Bob Proctor + BONUS materials ($1250)

Income & Profits

This business isn't just profitable; it's LUCRATIVE because it is based on HIGH END Product, which therefore attracts PREMIUM clientele.

Because the Program is about expanding yourself, setting High Goals and Achieving them (both in your business and private life) it generally attracts motivated successful self-starters who understand the VALUE of investing in themselves meaning you will have a good paying clientele.

You can choose to either:

Facilitate the Program (minimum of $1500 per client, 30mins each week for 12 weeks)
Sell the eCourse (no facilitation & no time required. The entire course is automated $495 per sale)
Both (Higher potential earnings, & depends on how much time you have. Unlimited Earnings Potential)
Partner with other Facilitators setting up appointments for them and earning $500 plus commission for every sale.
If you decide to facilitate the program then you can simply use the Leadership Guide book explaining how to do this, which will enable you to facilitate anyone from individuals and companies etc.

If you do not wish to facilitate, NO NEED TO WORRY! We have developed the Self Facilitated eCourse of the program in such a way that everything is automated and you will not need to do anything; once the individual makes an order they will become part of the Premium VIP Membership and given instructions on how to do the program without you needed to do anything.

If you do decide to facilitate you can charge a minimum of $1500 for 12 weeks; the facilitation takes approximately 30 minutes per module. This means all you have to do is spend 30 minutes per week with each client facilitating them using simple instructions in the Leadership Guide book that we will provide. You can use Skype to facilitate clients from all over the world FREE of charge. Remember this is just the minimum amount we are suggesting, sometimes clients may pay anything up to $10K for both the program and Facilitation. It all depends on yourself, what you feel comfortable with, and what you want to achieve.

We also have an extensive network of facilitators around the world which means you can also partner up with them (we can connect you once you have bought the website). So alternatively they will do all the facilitating for you and you can earn a handsome commission with every order of $500 plus minimum.

We have attached the PayPal screenshot of last month’s earnings.

The balance of $12,216.21 is for a one month period only (from 08/04/14 to 08/05/14)

Approximately $6216.21 was sales generated from the eCourse.

Why eLearning?

From a global perspective e-learning opens doors. Distance is no longer a barrier and learners are able to access and share information from virtually anywhere in the world.
The US and Europe account for over 70% of the global eLearning industry. The fastest growing market, however, is Asia Pacific, with eLearning revenues expected to grow at an annual rate of 20%. ELearning is the second most important training method within organizations, with companies increasingly moving towards blended learning and eLearning, rather than instructor led training sessions.
The global market for eLearning is forecast to hit over $100 billion by 2015, with growth from the benefits of reducing operational costs, flexibility and simple training programs.
E-Learning is also Eco-friendly. Recent studies conducted by Britain's Open University have found that e-Learning consumes 90% less energy than traditional courses. The amount of CO2 emissions (per student) is also reduced by up to 85%.
ELearning is generally shorter than classroom training on the same subject by up to 25-60% (according to Brandon Hall, 2001 and Rosenberg 2001).


SEO Friendly
Fast Loading
Compatible with Mobile Devices
Automated Booking Appointment System
What is taught in The Program?’

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